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General Education Track is a Program

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Track Description

The courses currently listed as part of this track are reviewed and revised annually so you will always have the most up-to-date information and content. In addition to the courses included in this track, you will have access to newly created courses that are added throughout the year! You can also connect and engage with other educators from all over the country in the Athlos Virtual Learning Community. Participate in lively discussions, download templates and tools from the resource library, and stay informed with the monthly bulletin which covers current events, policies, research, best practices, and so much more! Upon the successful completion of each course, you will earn a digital badge to show off on social media, your email signature, and your resume. You also get a customized certificate of completion and transcript.


Approval Information & Requirements

Approval Information and Requirements

Whether you are looking to earn advancement on the district's salary scale or meeting the requirements for your relicensing we are here to help! Prior to taking any courses, you should be sure to follow any pre-approval requirements established by your district. 






Overview of Courses Included

Differentiation for Diverse Learners

This course provides the knowledge and skill necessary to effectively differentiate instruction for diverse learners in your classroom. Explore the purpose and different types of differentiation as well as its applications for different groups of learners.

Formative Assessments and Monitoring Student Performance

In this course, teachers will learn that the formative assessment process is the intentional process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides immediate feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning in order to improve students’ achievement of the intended instructional outcomes. Teachers will examine a host of strategies to monitor student performance, and understand how to systemically use this formative as well as summative data (data trackers, observation logs and forms, conferring logs, etc.) to gather data, then analyze and act on that data effectively to improve student performance.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Reaching ALL Learners

This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to implement Universal Design for Learning within your classroom. You will be introduced to the UDL theory, learning styles, and barriers to learning before learning how to implement UDL in order to reach all students in your classroom. 

How to Foster a Growth Mindset

This course provides the foundational knowledge of the growth mindset, including how to examine one’s own growth mindset, and how to foster the development of a growth mindset in students. 

Using Performance Character to Boost Social-Emotional Learning

This course provides the foundational knowledge of Social Emotional Learning necessary to effectively use Performance Character Traits and Huddles to support a strong classroom community and students’ social and emotional development. 

Foundations for a Great Year

This course provides the building blocks for a great classroom and sets you up for a positive and productive year. This course will explore student engagement, building community, and managing student behavior in virtual and face- to- face classroom settings. 

Athlos Virtual Professional Learning Community

A virtual online professional learning network of like-minded educators. 


Digtial Badges Associated with the General Education Track 

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Approx. 3 hours for each course

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